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Famous Grins With Dentures

Famous Grins With Dentures

George WashingtonLast time, we gave our readers a look at the history of dentures and how they have evolved into the natural-looking, simple restorative treatment they are today. Dentures have been able to restore the smiles of countless patients dealing with tooth loss. As we mentioned in our last blog, no one is exempt from the troubles of missing teeth and even famous figures like our first president, George Washington needed dentures to restore his smile. Although many patients dealing with tooth loss can feel alone in their oral health struggles, there are plenty of famous faces that have worn dentures too. For years, dentures have been a reliable and natural-looking restoration that can give you your confidence back. To explain more about the famous celebrities and historical figures that have worn dentures, Dr. Eugene Stanislaus gives his readers here at Brooklyn Heights Dental a look at the most well-known smiles that have used dentures. Follow along to learn more about other famous denture users.

Famous Denture Users

Whether you’ve lost teeth due to dental trauma or gum disease, dentures have been a cost-effective solution for restoring smiles for years. When you come into our office in Brooklyn, NY, you’ll become just one of millions of patients that have benefitted from dentures. Here’s a look at some of the famous faces that owe their complete smiles to dentures:

George Washington: We’re sure that many of our readers have heard the legend of George Washington’s dentures. Despite these old tales, Washington’s teeth were not made out of wood. Our first president suffered oral health issues for a majority of his life and ended up with only one real tooth by the time of his inauguration as first President. He had the highest quality dentures for his time period, which were made out of ivory and gold wires springs. His dentures were significantly better than most for his time, but they were still quite difficult to use. Historians suspect that the myth of his wooden dentures came from the grainy appearance of his smile. The ivory material that his dentures were made from can easily stain over time, which is probably what lead to observers noticing a grained, wooden smile from Washington.

Clark Gable: This old-school Hollywood actor is most known for his role in Gone with the Wind. Most fans of the actor are surprised to know that he actually wore a full set of dentures by the time he was 32 years old. He suffered from gum disease in his twenties and a bout of pyorrhea in 1933. He then had most of his teeth extracted and rested until his gums recovered enough for dentures. It’s said that his poor oral hygiene and dentures lead to his persistent halitosis, also known as chronic bad breath. Gable even became known in Hollywood for the complaints his leading ladies would have about his breath.

Ed McMahon: Known for inciting laughter and providing entertainment for plenty of folks during his life, most Ed McMahon fans wouldn’t suspect the former “Tonight Show” to have extensive dental work done. Most known as the sidekick to Johnny Carson, McMahon appears to have worn dentures that didn’t quite fit in with his face right. However, some argue that the star had his teeth capped and the dentist chose veneers that were too large for his face.

Winston Churchill: This famous Prime Minister is known for his speech inspiring the United Kingdom during World War II. Although the “we shall fight on the beaches” speech made Churchill a strong figure in history, he is not known for his excellent oral health. He had actually lost numerous teeth and needed a denture to restore his smile. When he was getting his denture fitted, he was concerned about losing his signature lisp. Churchill believed his lisp added character to his voice and made him appear more human to the public. With this in mind, he had his dentist construct a denture that preserved his lisp.

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As you can see, dentures have transformed the smiles of plenty of famous smiles. Fortunately, you don’t have to be rich and famous to enjoy the restorative powers of dentures. To get started on your dentures, contact our office in Brooklyn, NY. You can be one step closer to a complete smile by calling to schedule a no-obligation consultation with Dr. Stanislaus.