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Can Dentures Cause Bad Breath?

Can Dentures Cause Bad Breath?

Dr. Eugene Stanislaus explains bad breath and dentures for patients in Brooklyn, NYAt some point in our lives, we’ve all experienced bad breath. This can be caused by forgetting to brush our teeth that morning or eating a smelly food like onions and garlic. While bad breath isn’t an alarming issue if you only experience it every once in awhile, it can signal serious problems if you have chronic bad breath. Chronic bad breath, also known as halitosis, can occur in anyone whether they have dentures, partial dentures, or their natural teeth. However, it’s especially important to be aware of this issue if you have dentures because bad breath can mean that you’re not properly cleaning bacteria from your dentures. Once bacteria accumulate on your dentures, you’re at risk for more complications that can affect your oral health and overall health. To explain more on this topic, Dr. Eugene Stanislaus of Brooklyn Heights Dental discusses the causes of bad breath and how you can avoid this common problem for his patients here in Brooklyn, NY.

Bad Breath Basics

So, what exactly is bad breath and what causes it? It’s defined as the unpleasant odor of the mouth and it can be the result of several factors. Here’s a quick look at the most common causes of bad breath:

    • Dry Mouth: Saliva is important because it helps wash away bacteria that can linger in the mouth. Without enough saliva, bacteria can accumulate and you will experience bad breath. Dry mouth can be the result of medications, salivary gland problems, and more.
    • Food: This is the most common cause of bad breath. When you experience bad breath due to different foods, it will only be a temporary problem. Debris from smelly foods and beverages can cause a lingering smell.
    • Tobacco Use: Ingredients from tobacco can stay in the mouth and cause a foul odor for individuals that smoke or chew tobacco products.
    • Poor Oral Health: Like we mentioned before, debris from food particles can often linger in your mouth. If debris gets stuck in hard-to-reach areas and in between teeth, the food particles will begin to rot, which will cause a bad odor. That is why it is essential to floss in order to remove these particles. The accumulation of plaque from not regularly brushing and flossing can also cause bad breath.

Bad Breath and Dentures

Bad breath in an individual with dentures can typically boil down to three common causes. In most instance, we’ll find that patients suffer from bad breath because of improper maintenance, poorly fitting dentures, or gum disease. Here’s a closer look at each of reason and how you can deal with each specific problem.

Improper Maintenance: Dentures will require just as much maintenance as natural teeth do. Just like natural teeth, a film of plaque can form over your denture and cause bad breath. Keeping your denture free of plaque will not only cure bad breath, but it will also improve the appearance and longevity of your denture. Here are some tips to keep up with your denture care:

    • Take your time with cleaning: Just like brushing natural teeth, you need to allocate a specific time frame to clean your dentures each day. Doing a quick brush over your dentures isn’t an effective way to remove all of the bacteria. Take the necessary time to thoroughly clean your dentures and focus on areas where you notice bacteria can accumulate.
    • Soak Overnight: Soaking your dentures overnight is a great way to kill off the bacteria that can accumulate on your denture. Soaking over this long period of time can be an effective way to remove bacteria that you miss during regular cleaning.

Ill-Fitting Dentures: We briefly touched on this problem in our last post, but there are more problems with wearing ill-fitting dentures than just discomfort. Wearing dentures that fit poorly can result in sores and infections in the mouth that will cause bad breath.

Gum Disease: Many patients believe that oral care isn’t important with dentures. This is completely false and this belief overlooks the importance of your gums. Bad breath can occur due to unhealthy gums.

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If you’re experiencing bad breath, we recommend looking at the possible causes and determining if they apply to the state of your oral health. In some instances, bad breath can occur from bacteria that builds up in the missing spot where a tooth used to be. If you’re experiencing bad breath and tooth loss, we recommend investing time into your oral care routine and treating your tooth loss. Leaving tooth loss untreated can result in continued loss of remaining teeth and chronic bad breath. Here at Brooklyn Heights Dental, we provide several options for tooth restoration including dentures. For more information about dentures, feel free to browse around this site and contact our office to schedule your appointment with Dr. Stanislaus.